Sunday, February 28, 2010

That's no parrot

We didn't get a parrot, there's no echo, it's Kingston, who loves to mimic!  The sounds don't always come out exact, but he's been babbling so much lately, that it seems like he picks up one new word a day.  This morning, I caught daddy singing to him. Daddy is infamous for making up songs & lyrics! :)  This morning he was singing "hot diggity dog, hot diggity dog"  and then I heard a little echo "hot dog".  Kingston has never even had a hot dog, I'm not sure he'd like it, but he sure did love daddys song!

In my previous post, I mentioned our new BareNaked Ladies cd.  Can I just say, I LOVE it!  Our favorite song is the Allergies song.  The chorus repeats "Allergies" over & over.  It's only natural that yesterdays new word was "allergies". 

Yesterday we were in a store and every time Kingston saw a small child, he's yell out "baby". Just one more sign that my baby is no longer a baby.

Hotdog, allergies, fish... oh the life of a 15 month old! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fast forward

As Kingston's momma, I feel it is my duty in life to make sure he lives life to the fullest.  My time as a mommy is short, thus far, however I'm learning new things each and everyday.  Take for example, it doesn't take much to amuse my 15 month old son.  A cardboard box, pots & pans, plastic magnets, a wipes container - these are the things he'd prefer to play with, rather than fancy smancy toys.  He doesn't care if we stay in pj's all day, or all week.  It's unfortunate, but true, but he won't remember these years, - he won't remember his first trip to the aquarium at 2 months old, his first concert, the frequent day trips, or the numerous trips to the zoo his first years of life.

I've created this blog, to capture all the memories that otherwise would be faded away into a blur of his childhood. I've had great intentions with scrapbooks.. I have the books (empty), the photos, the cute lil stickers, etc, but, i'm a techno savy momma, that just can't get it together! Besides, you wouldn't be able to read my scrapbook ;)

I want to show Kingston the world, how beautiful it is... he has taught me to take baby steps - afterall, we are not going to conquer the world in just one or two years, it's going to take time.  I can only hope he appreciates and loves life as much as I have a love for life.  The thing I love to hear from people, especially strangers is "he's such a happy baby!" and it's so true. From just one month old, he's been lighting up the (my) world, one smile at a time!

On 2/25/2010 we went for his 15 month well visit.  We had a great visit with Dr. C. Kingston is right on target, 23.25lbs, 31 inches, and simply perfect all around.  Walking & running like a true toddler, bumps & bruises to show, babbling like a teenager on the phone, with new words everyday.  New words: I love you, fish, and baby. I'm also convinced he said monkey; however, can't get him to repeat it.  Other words consist of: Momma, Poppa, Daddie, Dadda, "D" - for grammie, Lynzee, it's been rumored that he has said "sissy", and he was calling my dad "bill" before he passed, and looking for him afterwards. He has a love for his stuffed animal "Roo" and his binkie, despite my efforts in elimination.  Total of 8 teeth, which he LOVES brushing with his tooth brush, and a new tooth coming in the top side - we've taken that into consideration, and have allowed him to keep the "bink" during naps and bedtime. Seems like a reasonable compromise. He sat on the potty last weekend naked, reading a book, drooled so much it made the potty sensor go off, which cheers for a good job! "you did it, good job going potty!" - mark and I giggled - clearly he put something in the potty, we never anticipated it to be drool.

He loves watching Sid the Science Kid on PBS along with curious george. In the car recent tunes have been Bare Naked Ladies - we recently picked up a used cd Picnic Time at Newbury Comics, so far a hit - Feist 1,2,3,4 song, and all time favorite Jack Johnson.

Lastly he does the CUTEST thing with his feet when we say "happy feet" - he dances, and the proud look on his face, it's just awesome! His smile has a way of making everything in life a whole lot better!