Sunday, February 28, 2010

That's no parrot

We didn't get a parrot, there's no echo, it's Kingston, who loves to mimic!  The sounds don't always come out exact, but he's been babbling so much lately, that it seems like he picks up one new word a day.  This morning, I caught daddy singing to him. Daddy is infamous for making up songs & lyrics! :)  This morning he was singing "hot diggity dog, hot diggity dog"  and then I heard a little echo "hot dog".  Kingston has never even had a hot dog, I'm not sure he'd like it, but he sure did love daddys song!

In my previous post, I mentioned our new BareNaked Ladies cd.  Can I just say, I LOVE it!  Our favorite song is the Allergies song.  The chorus repeats "Allergies" over & over.  It's only natural that yesterdays new word was "allergies". 

Yesterday we were in a store and every time Kingston saw a small child, he's yell out "baby". Just one more sign that my baby is no longer a baby.

Hotdog, allergies, fish... oh the life of a 15 month old! :)

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