Thursday, April 8, 2010


Each and every day he is saying new words.  All of them aren't clear, some of them are complete babble, and others are clear as day!

He is familiar with vowels.  I'll admit, he doesn't know what a vowel is or word structure and the importantce of these letters, but he is familiar with A-E-I-O-U and loves to say the letters!  He also loves repeating parts of the alphabet, there's really no doubt in my mind this is because when no lullabies come to mind, I sing the ABC's!

He also loves counting. To date he counts to four. I typically start the "one" and he finishes with the "two, three, four".  Could this be thanks to Feist song 1,2,3,4?!

I love watching his little lips form to try and sound out a word.  I love how he says the first letter of the word when he can't figure out the pronunciation. 

Each child he sees is a "baby!" and he says it with great ethusiasm.  I love the tone in his voice when he says "momma" and how it differs when he's not feeling well or is tired, it's more like a "mum ma".

He calls trucks "beep beep", cars are "cahs" with a wicked boston ascent, and buses are "bus" with a silent s.
Tonights new word at dinner was "beans".  How appropriate as we ate Busch's baked beans.

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