Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dead Battery!

The weather has been really funny the past couple of weeks.  We've had warm weather, rain, and freezing cold temperatures! But, one thing is for sure, Spring is here!  With that in mind, and my evergrowing boy, we hit the outlets to get some new clothes.   Kingston took a nice long nap on our hour commute to Westbrook, and arrived well rested.  We opted for Pizza for lunch, I had a spinach ricotta slice, Kingston had plain cheese.  I don't typically like cooked ricotta; however it was delicious, Kingston even tried it and liked it.

Then we hit the stores, got some fashionable attire, what's any season without engineer stripes?!.  After shopping, we were on the other side of the outlet, I took Kingston out of the stroller and allowed him to walk back to the car, he was excited to get out, and I figured a little exercise would be good for his little legs. It was a beautiful day, and the fresh air felt great, he agreed as he danced down the sidewalk.  We arrived at the opposite side of the outlets, closest to the car, where he spotted the "Choo Choo" train.  He was ever so excited.  We sat on the bench for a few minutes, talking about the train, the colors, the noise it makes and just playing.  I treasure these days.  Mommy & Kingston days.  They rock.

Then it was time to go, we walked back to the car, and I tried using the key fob to unlock the honda, with no luck.  I knew something was wrong.  I had to manually unlock the car with the key, something I haven't done since I had my '98 Geo Prism.  Boy am I spoiled.  Opened up the car, loaded it up with all of our goodies, put the boy in his seat, climbed in myself, to find the car wouldn't start.  Looked down and found I had left the lights on!  Immediately called AAA, who came to my rescue in less than 15 minutes!  I found it doesn't hurt to mention I'm with child!  Danny jumped my battery, and we were headed home, when Kingston started to get finicky in the backseat, I tried turning on the radio, to find that the preset code needed to be set, just for the record, 1,2,3,4,5 doesn't work.  Drove back to Westbrook, went to the Honda dealership who showed me where the code is kept, they reset it, and then we were back on our way home!  What's a ride in the car without music, especially BareNaked Ladies & Jack Johnson?! 

Lesson learned, don't forget the lights!

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