Thursday, March 4, 2010


Kingston has a fever.  He has had one for the past couple days, off & on. I honestly think it's the first time, and it sucks stinks, royally.  For the past couple of weeks he's been waking as early as 5am, that we daddy can handle; now it's the 5am wakeup call with the crying episode that won't stop, and the lil body that is so hot, from head to toe, I was waiting for the smoke to come off his piggies he was so hot.

Who better for advice than the woman that has done it all.  I consulted with my mom who reassured me he's fine.  "But mom, he's REALLY REALLY hot!" and she replied "he's fine, he has a fever". Ahhh, nothing like an old salt to ease my worries.

Luckily today is my day off and I had the opportunity to give him a bath this morning at 6am? honestly, I'm not sure one eye was open, it was so early. After the bath, I wrapped him up in a towel and we laid in bed together, well, until I heard a little toot from his rear!  Put a diaper on him and we went back to snuggling.  There's really nothing like snuggling your sick baby and reassuring him everything will be okay, moms here to take care of you.  I'm convinced we'll never get rid of the binkie... here's the king, snug as a bug resting.

We read a couple of books this morning, and kingston has a new word! We were reading the Zoo book that we got at Franklin Park Zoo in Boston  Stone Zoo in MA, over the summer, I always ask him to find the monkeys, but today he kept pointing to the elephant on the cover, I said elephant, he said "el-fant" over & over! I just can't get over it! It's really the most amazing thing, watching your child learn right before your eyes!

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