Thursday, March 11, 2010

No crust

Today is Thursday, which happens to be my favorite day of the week.  It has been for a long time.  It's my day off.  It's the day Kingston and I have been known to jam pack a million things into one day, or the alternative, lay around the house in pjs all day.  Either way, we always have a great time together, just Kingston & I.  As of December, Kingston & I have been attending playgroup on Thursday mornings.  We went this morning, it's interesting to see when we enter the room he searches for the same toys each week.  He favors the train table, the school bus, and a few other vehicles.  Not so interested in the play food, the baby dolls, or building blocks, yet.  We haven't ventured into sitting at the table and participating in the arts & crafts activities - today involved paint.  We'll pass, until I feel confident that he won't eat the paint.  You see, my child has an infacuation with putting everything in his mouth, and I've read books that this is normal... but paint?!  at playgroup? nah! we'll pass! I was relived when I saw another mom, with an older toddler check out the table today and pass on the activity.... "maybe next time, maybe next year", afterall, my toddler is only 15 months and 29 days, we'll have plenty of time to eat paint.

We did however go outside and play!  Nothing like taking advantage of 54 degree weather in the middle of March.  He played hard too.  Small meltdown when it was time to go inside.  He played dead.  Dropping down, laying on the woodchips, curled up in the fetal position.  No sound, no movement, just laying there, making his mark.  Once we got inside we had snack time, he had some banana and graham crackers - I think it was truly the first time he ate all his snack!  After snack, we washed up and got ready to go.  Another battle... leaving all the great toys behind, good friends, and well, simply just a good time.  Kingston is still taking 2 naps a day - based on his needs, not mine. So, there we have it, another fit - and try explaining to a toddler "it's time to go home to get some beauty rest, you can see your friends next week."  ha!  The good thing is, he is easily distracted, by the time we got outside he was my happy-go-lucky boy! A truck passed by and he was amused!

Came home, took a nap, had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich minus the crust for lunch and headed to a good friends house for a playdate with C&B.  I love how the two toddlers played nicely together.  I loved how the two of them took turns pushing her baby stroller.  How B "shook her butt" & Kingston danced to the music.  They are both becoming quite the little people, it's a pretty amazing thing to witness.

Friends have a way of making our world a better place.

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