Saturday, March 27, 2010

A visit with the Easter Bunny

Kingston is a very outgoing child.  This is a personality trait he takes after me.  Willing to chat it up with anyone, anywhere.  He met the Easter Bunny and LOVED him.  Last year he was so little, that I'm not sure he knew that he was sitting with a big white furry creature.  This year however, we were at a local town event for Breakfast with the Bunny and it wasn't crowded, allowing quality time with the Bunny.  He sat on the bunnys lap, posed for some pictures and then got down, only to motion that he wanted to sit with the bunny some more.  Put him back on the bunnys lap, where he proceed to snuggle with the bunny, resting his head on his lap.  I suppose I'd do the same if no one was around, afterall the bunny was soft, and cuddly!  It amazed me at how he couldn't get enough of this cuddly creature.  Kingstons friend Lexi, who is one month younger was also with us, she was NOT interested in the bunny, let alone sitting on his lap. She stood from a distance admiring the big white creature. 

After breakfast, we participated in the egg hunt.  Visiting stores downtown, where we recieved two eggs, a bracelet, and bubbles.  It was FREEZING outside, however, Kingston was a trooper, all bundled up, riding in his stroller. After the hunt, we gathered at the green, where the Peter Cottontail gave us a bag of gold candy.  A great day, spent with Auntie Lynzee, Grammie, Melena and friends.

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